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Above: On the cover of the June 26, 2007 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

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Click to view full image Daytime stars from both coasts met in North Hollywood, CA, to raise money for the "I Love New York Recovery Fund," which benefits families affected by the World Trade Center attacks.
Thorsten Kaye states: "This affects everybody the same way, and we need to step up and do something."
Soap Opera Digest, November 13,  2001
SOD, 7/24/01 -- Click to enlarge Does Ian miss his couneling sessions with his deceased sister, Granya?
According to Thorsten Kaye: "Very much so, but Ian doesn't have much time for chess these days."
Soap Opera Digest, June 12, 2001
Click to enlarge What's Ian's idea of true romance?
According to Thorsten Kaye with Julie Pinson, Eve: "Spending quality time with the person you love -- that's romance."
Soap Opera Digest, June 26, 2001
<i><i><i><i>Soaps In Depth</i></i></i></i>, 6/13/01 If you could go back into the past and do one thing over, what would it be? 
"I wouldn't want to do that. Things happen to you for a reason, and that's what shapes who you are. If you go back and make those things good, you don't want to lose that experience." 
Soaps In Depth, June 12-26, 2001
Click to enlarge Unreality TV.. Don't ask Thorsten Kaye Ian about SURVIVOR because the actor's not a fan.
"Reality TV, by definition, can't be that. It has lighting and there's a crew. A slice of life [is] when you watch the news and you see a man shooting people from a tower. That's reality TV. To me, SURVIVOR is like watching somebody who bought a hammer, nails and some wood and tries to build a cabin. I like to see skillful players who make me forget that they're working."
Soap Opera Digest
, May 1, 2001
Thorsten Kaye and Susan Haskell, <i><i><i>Soap Opera Digest</i></i></i> 3/6/01 -- Click to enlarge Big Bash 
"Nobody throws a party like Disney," remarked Thorsten Kaye Ian, PC, with live-in love Susan Haskell ex-Marty, ONE LIFE TO LIVE. 
Soap Opera Digest, March 6, 2001
Thorsten Kaye, <i><i><i>Soap Opera Digest</i></i></i>, 12/5/00 Thorsten Kaye comparing his past life as ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Patrick to his current role on PC:
"On ONE LIFE TO LIVE, I don't know if the studio was smaller or the egos were bigger; maybe it was a combination of things.  But at PC coming to work is fun.  The scripts aren't great every day; they're not supposed to be, they can't be. There's no way.  And our performances can't be great every day.  But as a whole, I like coming in knowing nobody's ego is bigger than mine." 
Soap Opera Digest, December 5, 2000
Thorsten Kaye, <i><i><i>Soap Opera Digest</i></i></i>, 6/27/00 -- Click to enlarge Just where is Ian's brother Patrick? 
According to Thorsten Kaye: "I don't know.  He's off happily married, I think, with a kid.  That's all I know." 
Soap Opera Digest, September 5, 2000
Thorsten Kaye, <i><i><i>Soap Opera Digest</i></i></i>, 6/27/00 Does Ian feel like he fits in at the hospital?
Thorsten Kaye says: "The first day in a new school is always difficult. You've got to find the right things to say without ticking anybody off, and that's exactly what didn't happen." 
Soap Opera Digest, June 27, 2000
Click to enlarge Mad Libs ...Truthfully, the only downside to adlibbing comes when something airs that alters a story.
"The name 'Margaret' was a combination of me and the writers," explains ONE LIFE TO LIVE'S Thorsten Kaye Patrick of his character's pet name for Marty. "The only problem is that now we have Maggie the nun," he chuckles, "and Maggie is also short for Margaret."
Soap Opera Weekly
, October 8, 1996
Click to enlarge Who's the best at keeping a secret on your show? 
Thorsten Kaye says: "I can't tell you." 
Soap Opera Digest, July 16, 1996
Click to enlarge What has your character done that you wouldn't do?
Thorsten Kaye says: "I would never be with a married woman. If somebody's made that kind of commitment, it's over. And if I get hurt by a woman, I'd probably move on to something else. I'd leave town."
Soap Opera Digest, June 18, 1996
Click to enlarge We will rock you: When Thorsten Kaye (Patrick) pops in a CD, he favors rock and roll from the '70's and '80's.
"I like Styx, Journey, Boston and Queen," he says. "There were a lot of great groups in that era. The bands I like now - Blues Traveler and Hootie and the Blowfish - sound like they're from the seventies, with string guitars. " Kaye laughingly adds, "I don't spend money on clothes. I spend it on music., my motorcycle and friends. I bought one pair of jeans in the last five years."
Soap Opera Digest, Undated
Click to enlarge What attracts fans to Patrick?
Thorsten Kaye says:  "He's not too pretty, he's not rich and he's got human problems. He's trying to get back to what things were maybe 15 or 20 years ago in the old country. Language. Long sentences and expressing his passion. Not holding back."
Soap Opera Digest, Undated

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