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On November 14, 1998, Thorsten Kaye recorded the vocal tracks for his spoken-word CD of original poetry, From Timber Ridge To Daymer Gardens, at Omega Studios a state-of-the-art recording studio in Rockville, MD

The CD includes eleven poems composed by Thorsten, three by his friend Dorothy Bridges, and two bonus tracks. 

Above: A partial roster of Omega Studio clients, includingThorsten.

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Recording Session Photos

Inspecting the Wall of CD's Recorded at Omega Studios (L-R: Kathy Brand, Thorsten Kaye, Bob Yesbek) Preparing to record In the Recording Booth
The Control Booth - The View From the Recording Booth (L-R: Archie Moore, Bob Yesbek, Christy Smith) Reviewing poems with Kathy Brand

L - R: CD Engineered by Bob Yesbek; Edited and Assembled by Archie Moore

All photos and courtesy of Gina Witt.