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Above: On the cover of the June 26, 2007 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

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Click to enlarge Who's coming: BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL
Thorsten Kaye (Ridge Forrester):
Kaye makes his B&B debut on December 13 and admits that he hasn't done a lot of research for the role. "My research is this," he explains. "I call [the publicist] and she finds what I need and sends it to me. I think if you play a character, people like the history of it and will probably inform your choices. That said, I believe people care about the present and how you deal with that. If you get too caught up in the history, I don't know that that's necessarily going to help you. We're just going to let it ride and let it breathe and see what it is."
Soap Opera Digest, December 16, 2013
Click to enlarge Ridge is Home! 
Thorsten Kaye ex-Zach, ALL MY CHILDREN) makes his debut as THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL's Ridge on Friday, December 13, and the actor says that his portrayal of the character will include a marked cynicism. "He'll have a darker sense of humor. He's not going to let people get away with anything anymore." 
Soaps In Depth, December 16, 2013
Click to enlarge MORE LIVES TO LIVE: All My Children and One Life to Live rise from the cancellation ashes to be reborn in groundbreaking new format
[Agnes] Nixon [the 85-year-old creator of the two shows] is serving as creative consultant on the reboots, which feature many returning favorites, including AMC’s Thorsten Kaye as casino magnate Zach Slater. “This is an opportunity to fix what went wrong as ABC,” Kaye says. “There were some really funky stories being told at the end of our run. We can use a little distance from that.” - Michael Logan
TV Guide, April 22, 2013
Click to enlarge Bad Break:
Thorsten Kaye (ex-Zach, AMC et al) broke his arm ("Again," he groans) and is sporting a cast. The injury will be written into his storyline on SMASH, where he plays Angelica Huston's love interest.
Soaps In Depth, April 2, 2012
Click to enlarge Do you recall your first day on set?
I wasn't nervous or apprehensive. I had a fun day that day... I [worked] with [Susan] Lucci [Erica].
Is there a funny memory you can share?
[An airplane scene had us all laughing.] The story was a little thin at that point, and it took just one little thing to crack [us up].
Soaps In Depth, September 19, 2011
Click to enlarge "That's okay. I wouldn't know where to put it anyway."
Thorsten Kaye ex-Zach, AMC; ex-Ian, PC; ex-Patrick, OLTL, conceding the Outstanding Lead Actor race to Anothony Geary Luke, GH who did end up winning that year, 5/2/06
Soap Opera Digest, July 20, 2010
Click to enlarge ...Meanwhile, Haskell's husband, Thorsten Kaye has garnered his second nomination for playing AMC's Zach. 
"It sounds corny, but the prenomination is actually more important, because [that comes from the] people you work with," says the modest actor.
Soaps In Depth, June 15, 2009
Click to enlarge Was Thorsten Kaye surprised that Zach had sex with Liza Jamie Luner? 
Kaye responds: "Yes. I never saw Zach as that sexual of a person, to be honest. I mean, he's no Lavery."
Soap Opera Digest, May 5, 2009
Click to enlarge What's your best Super Bowl memory?
"I had tickets when the Broncos played their first Super Bowl against Green Bay in 1998. This guy [at a bar] said, 'I'll give you $7,000 for your ticket.' I said, 'How about $7,000 and my bar tab?' He left and I thought that was it. But he came back with cash! So I sold him my ticket because I didn't care about either of those teams. And the Broncos won, so it was a great deal for him."
Soap Opera Digest, February 3, 2009
Click to enlarge A group of fans belonging to the Zen Zone, a Web site championing AMC'S Zach and Kendall, gave Thorsten Kaye Zach a framed Detroit Red Wings jersey, autographed by all the members of his favorite team.  Whose idea was it to incorporate the gift into the show as an item Kendall purchased for her beloved before falling into a coma? It was Kaye himself, he reports. "I appreciated it so much, how cool it was they got together, had it framed," he says. "The 2008 Stanley Cup champions! I wanted it to be on the show and I thought, 'The best way to do this is to have Kendall send it to Zach." So I told the writers, 'How would it be if Kendall sent this to him because she knows exactly what makes him happy?" And they wrote it in."
Soap Opera Digest
, January 27, 2009
c SOD To actors who have played many roles: Which character are you most like?
"All of my characters [OLTL's Patrick, inset] are the same. The only thing that changes is that they get older."
Soap Opera Digest, August  26, 2008
c SOD Win, Lose or Draw
"The worst part of my day was the game show, when I had to draw a pine cone," mock-groaned Thorsten Kaye Zach, AMC. We take it he lost then? "No, I won!" And the best part of his day? "When someone told me that people were cheering the loudest for me at the motorcade. Oh, wait, that was you!" But Digest wasn't lying.
Soap Opera Digest, December 4, 2007
c 2006 ABC-TV We can't believe they said that!
"I wonder if all these girls looking alike Greenlee, Annie, nuGreenlee has something to do with the way Ryan's mother looked. I think there's some weird, dark secret there." -- AMC's Thorsten Kaye Zach
Soap Opera Weekly, June  26, 2007
c 2006 ABC-TV What was your favorite role on a Soap besides your current one?
"The PORT CHARLES one, and not just because of my character. All my characters, as you know, are pretty much the same, just with different haircuts. I just liked the cast and the whole feeling of it, it was a cool, little company to be a part of. But really, Zach is my favorite role because I'm getting paid the most for it."
Soap Opera Digest, June 26, 2007
c 2006 ABC-TV Thorsten Kaye Zach is thrilled that his character's new alliance with Adam against JR has him sharing scenes with David Canary Adam/Stuart for the first time.
"I've been here three years and never gotten to work with David," he marvels. "You know, you see each other in the hallways and stuff and go, 'Yeah, he's a good-looking guy, good actor, stays in shape,' whatever -- but you work with him and you realize why he's been at the top of his game for so long. There's just something really cool going on with this guy. Very cool guy -- good guy, good actor."
Soap Opera Digest
, June  19, 2007
c 2006 ABC-TV Stacy Haiduk Hannah Nichols, who joined AMC in March in the non- contract role of Zach's Thorsten Kaye childhood sweetheart, puts in her last appearance on May 24 when Hannah leaves town after a shocking final encounter with Zach. 
"I hope she comes back," offers Kaye. "I like strength in a woman -- and thinks it's nice for [Zach] to have someone other than Kendall [Alicia Minshew] with emotional interest in him.
Soap Opera Digest, May 29, 2007
c 2006 ABC-TV Zendall fans might not be too thrilled with All My Children’s Hannah, but Thorsten Kaye Zach likes his new co-star, Stacy Haiduk, and advises them to hang in.
"She's what I think is missing from the show a little bit,” muses Kaye. “There are many beautiful girls on the show, but not too many women. For guys like me, there needs to be some women there -- women with a past, with weight. But that’s my personal opinion." Soap Opera Weekly, May 1, 2007
c 2006 ABC-TV What is digging up his dad's grave like for Zach?
Thorsten Kaye says: “A grave, it's six feet deep, you know. There are layers of dirt and the dirt in Las Vegas is very hard. And then there are the worms! So, it was tough for him to go through.”
Soap Opera Digest, March 6, 2007

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