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Above: On the cover of the June 26, 2007 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

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SOD 12/05/06 When asked about the biggest difference between himself and his character, AMC's Thorsten Kaye joked:
“Zach's much better looking than me.”
Soap Opera Digest, December 12, 2006
SOD 11/21/06 Reunion Special: Thorsten Kaye Zach is a little lonely without former co-star Ian Buchanan ex-Greg. "I miss him," Kaye frowns. "He's such a great guy. I just liked working with him and I still don't know why they killed Madden. He wasn't that bad!  I just miss him as a friend, as a person. He was such a good guy to talk to. I have no one to talk sports with here; not one person." The actor is even waiting to get creative about ways he and Buchanan could meet again. "What do you think of this? Me and him playing brothers on BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL [where Buchanan played James]." Would Kaye's character be introduced as a virgin, just as Buchanan's was?  "Oh, no. I don't dance and I don't play virgins. People won't buy it."
Soap Opera Digest, November 21, 2006
SOD 11/14/06 Thorsten Kaye Zach, All My Children confirms to Weekly that he and Susan Haskell ex-Marty, One Life to Live re expecting their second child in March.
“We didn’t want to say anything until we got the DNA results,” quips Kaye. ”I’m happy to report that the baby is hers.” The newborn will join McKenna, 4, “who insists on now being called Big Sister,” laughs Haskell, who had to bow out of her long-awaited return to OLTL because of the pregnancy. Congrats!
Soap Opera Weekly, November 14, 2006
SOD 11/14/06 What’s the funniest practical joke played on your set recently?
"Hmm. Practical jokes. I really can’t think of any. It’s not like it was with [Robert S.] Woods [Bo] over at ONE LIFE [where Kaye played Patrick]; there are no practical jokes around here." Digest voices its suspicion, having heard that he hid Ian Buchanan’s [ex-Greg, inset] bicycle in his dressing room to make him think it had been stolen. "Yeah, but that’s different: That was spite, not a practical joke. That was me trying to hurt someone, not me trying to be funny. It wasn’t like, ‘Oh, I’ll give it back to you later.' I was trying to steal it, I swear."
Soap Opera Digest, November 14, 2006
SID/Jill Johnson, 06/20/06 Which shows do you TiVo?
"DETROIT Weekly -- it's a hockey show [about the Detroit Red Wings].  JOJO'S CIRCUS and ANGELINA BALLERINA [because] I have a 3-year-old.  I don't really watch much TV."
Soaps In Depth, October 24, 2006
SID/9/26/06 Do you remember your first pet? What was it?
"Yes. My dog, Charley. He was a Springer Spaniel.. I was only 6 at the time. He was around for a bit. He was 17 whe he died.. I had a lot of pets, including a rabbit and a hedgehog."
Soaps In Depth, September 26, 2006
SID/Jill Johnson, 06/20/06 What's your favorite animated movie and why ?
"One of my favorite movies of all time is Who Framed Roger Rabbit? I've always watched animated movies. I have original posters of Robin Hood. They still had cells then. Now it's all on computer. I love The Little Mermaid. I've seen Treasure Planet and thought that was pretty cool. I know them all."
Soaps In Depth, August 15, 2006
SID/Jill Johnson, 06/20/06 What other celebrity do people often mistake you for?
"None. And they've never been mistaken for me!"
Soap Opera Weekly, June 20, 2006
SOW/Sarah Russell, 12/06/05 It was the diamond anniversary of ABC's Super Soap Weekend so 35 stars gathered at Disney World to celebrate with fans November 12-13.
Thorsten Kaye brought partner Susan Haskell ex-Marty, OLTL and their daughter McKenna: "My daughter is 2-1/2 and things are clicking now," he smiled. "We took her to the Princess Show and she's watching these guys dance and she's clapping. That was a nice moment for me.
Soap Opera Weekly, December 8, 2005
SOD, 12/27/04 What does Thorsten remember about his audition?
"The thing that I remember most about my audition for AMC was learning that Cameron Mathison is two inches taller than Ryan and that Erica and Susan [Lucci] are exactly the same height!"
Soaps In Depth,  November 22, 2005
SOD, 10/25/05 What does Thorsten Kaye Zach think of Di turning out to be an imposter?
The actor chuckles: "That's got to take the pressure off Kelli Giddish Di because it means she didn't have a child when she was 1 month old." 
Soap Opera Digest,  October 25, 2005
SOD, 12/27/04 Daytime fans traveled from all over to meet their favorite stars at the ninth annual ABC Super Soap Weekend. Pop, Star:
"I have a 28 year old son who's 7 feet tall!" laughed Thorsten Kaye Zach, AMC of his on-screen son, Ethan James Scott. "I want people to look at me. He is a good-looking guy and, come on, that's not right! I have to look up, he has nicer suits than I do, he's bigger than I am and I'm old."
Soap Opera Digest,  December 7, 2004
Thorsten Kaye, SOD, 4-1-03 "Thrilled" Emmy Nominees Speak! Thorsten Kaye was begged to submit a tape and shared the honor:
"An Emmy nod for any of us is an Emmy nod for all of us." 
Soap Opera Digest,  April 1, 2003
SOD, 3/25/03 Is Ian worried about what the hot spring will do to him since Elizabeth was apparently killed?
Thorsten Kaye with Lynn Herring as Lucy says: "No. It is the key to curing vampirism, allegedly. So, he will go for a dip."
Soap Opera Digest,  March 25, 2003
Thorsten and Susan, SID, 3/4/03 Having kept the secret for a full nine months, PORT CHARLES Thorsten Kaye Ian was bursting with excitement about the imminent birth of his and longtime girlfriend Susan Haskell's ex-Granya; ex-Marty, OLTL first child, who was due February 4:
"It's a big deal for me, but it's going to be fine," the not-so-nervous-dad-to-be told Soaps In Depth just days before the delivery date.
Soaps In Depth,  March 4, 2003
SOD, 12-24-02 If you could change one thing that happened on your show this year, what would it be?
Thorsten Kaye says: "I think Jay Pickett [Frank] is one of the best people you'll ever meet. He put his neck out for the Avatar story, which wasn't perfect. For me, there were some problems with it. What I'd change is the fact that if they ask you to do things and take one for the company, they need to reward you...and I  haven't seen Jay. I would like him to be on more.You talk about a team player, and Jay's one of them."
Soap Opera Digest, December 24, 2002
Click to enlarge Greetings from Super Soap Weekend! 
"The nice thing about daytime is that there will probably be someone else helping him," said Thorsten Kaye Ian, PC about his alter ego raising Danny without Eve.
Soaps In Depth
, December 24, 2002
Thorsten Kaye and Lynn Herring, SOD, 12/10/02 Could Ian and Lucy Lynn Herring be together romantically even though she and Kevin are considered soulmates?
Thorsten Kaye says:  "If we believe in soulmates and that a soul is a living thing, then we also have to believe that a soul can change."
Soap Opera Digest, December 10, 2002
Click to enlarge What's the most high-profiler role you can remember auditioning for? 
"I was up for [Russell Crowe's] role of the gladiator in The Gladiator. But for those of you who didn't see that particular movie, I didn't get the part. I'm sure they're really kicking themselves for not using me!"
Soaps In Depth, November 26, 2002
Thorsten Kaye, SID, 11/26/02 The best and worst thing about playing Ian, according to Thorsten Kaye:
"What I like best about Ian is that he is Irish and that he loves to drink too much. That's also the worst thing about him."
Soaps In Depth, November 26, 2002
SOD, 6/25/04 -- Click to enlarge What made Ian finally believe that a supernatural force was behind Kevin's disappearance?
Thorsten Kaye with Lynn Herring as Lucy explains: "I think he always knew. But after the vampires and angels, he wanted to believe it was over."
Soap Opera Digest, June 25,  2002

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