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To Boldly Go

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by Michael Logan, Published June 1, 2014

In a first for daytrime drama,CBS's The Bold and the Beautiful went to the Middle East for the wedding of  Brooke Logan and Bill Spencer (Katherine Kelly Lang and Don Diamont, below). The exotic adventure, shot in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, airs May 23 through June 3 and includes an uninvited guest -- Brooke's ex-hubby Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye), who is determined to stop the I do's. In a wet-and-wild twist, Ridge falls out of a helicopter and into the Persian Gulf and disappears. But is it before or after he gets to the ceremony? Kaye tells us everything except that.

So what's it like shooting in the United Arab Emirates? 

It's spectacular but a strange part of the world. Modern Dubai has only existed for 20 years, so absolutely everything is brand-new. It's kind of like Walt Disney World. There's always somebody picking up gum.

Why does Ridge give a damn about this marriage? Brooke is ancient history.

Ridge doesn't like sharing toys. Not now. Not ever. He still wants what's best for Brooke, and Bill certainly ain't it. Also, Ridge is now in possession of that selfie Quinn [Rena Sofer] took of her and Bill having sex. Sticking with our Dubai theme, it was the straw that broke the camel's back.

This doesn't look good for Ridge's fiance, Katie [Heather Tom], who also happens to be Brooke's sister. Why would she put up with this?

It does look pretty bad, doesn't it? And I hope the writers do something with that, because Katie is san incredibly strong woman. Why would she put up with her man flying halfway across the world to stop a woman he's supposedly over from getting on with her life? [Laughs] I don't blame Katie for being pissed!