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Above: On the cover of the June 26, 2007 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

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A Day in the Life of Thorsten Kaye

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What's a typical day like for the ABC actors at Super Soap Weekend? Let's ask Thorsten Kaye, who plays Zach Slater on All My Children.

Soap Opera Weekly

Published December 7, 2004

Weekly:  What time did you start this morning?
Kaye: I started early today because my little daughter McKenna decided that 5 o'clock was a good time to get up. We went outside to the lake and I saw my 7-foot son (James Scott, who plays Ethan) running past me like 25 times. So I'm trying to keep her quiet because the magical world of Disney doesn't serve breakfast until 7 and he just keeps running around this lake and doesn't stop. I only run when I'm late.
Weekly: And then?
Kaye: AT 7, McKenna, Susan (Haskell, ex Marty, OLTL) and I had breakfast.
Weekly: What time was your pick-up this morning?
Kaye: A guy tried to pick me up at about 7:30.
Weekly: What time did the car pick you up?
Kaye: 9:15

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Weekly: And then you went to meet the press at 9:30?
Kaye: Yeah, with Eva LaRue (Maria, AMC). I'm not with the media, obviously, but I think I would have come up with some better questions to ask. Some of them were pretty lame and predictable and some of them were really personal, especially to Eva. Leave her alone. It's not a therapy session. You're asking about the show.
Weekly: And after that was Soap Talk with the AMC cast. How did that go?
Kaye: I thought Ty and Lisa did a really good job. They had to keep seven actors in the conversation. Keep it moving. Be aware of the cameras and the time and the cue cards. I couldn't do it, so hat's off to them. Maybe I'll go do their show in L.A. if they ask me. And maybe I should talk to Soapnet about starting a little talk show of my own, starring just me and no guests.

Weekly: I'm sure they'll jump at that. How is it walking from place to place with all the fans? 

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Kaye: Well, I try to walk behind Susan Lucci (Erica, AMC) because it's like parting the Red Sea. No one gives a sh*t about me.
[after Soap Talk, we tried to find a quiet place to do an interview, but passed a radio show which asked Thorsten to do an impromptu show during his free half hour. He agreed].
Weekly: How did the radio show go?

Kaye: The gentlemen, John McMullin, asked some really interesting questions. I've told you this before, but I'm done being a "soap star". I did that 10 years ago (as Patrick on OLTL). I'd like to be a good actor now, and try to tell a story. I think it helps when someone takes an interest in the medium and asks interesting questions about it. Not about your wardrobe or how your hair is now shorter. We were talking about cross-marketing and other thought provoking things that really don't get asked.
Weekly: And now we're doing a brief interview near the radio show and the fans are pressed up against the window climbing over shrubbery to take pictures of you.
Kaye: I think they're hungry. If they get hurt, will it be my fault? It's funny. So many people come here and just stand in line all day to look at us. I can understand they want to look at me, but what about a guy like Cameron Matheson (Ryan, AMC)? What's that about? He's not funny. He's not handsome. He's not that tall. I don't know what's wrong with people.
Weekly: So now you have a little downtime, and you're headed to The Hideaway. Since no one's allowed in there but soap stars, can you tell us about it? Do you all just apply body make-up to each other?

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Kaye: No. We did that the first year and it was fun. We applied it with our tongues and it left a funny chemical taste in our mouths for the rest of the day. They've got food in there and family members and there's a TV in there.
[and hour later]
Weekly: How was lunch?
Kaye: I had a Red Bull to balance my diet. 
Weekly: So now we're going to Bob Guiney's talk show Wide World of Soaps?
Kaye: Yeah, I like him. He's funny.
Weekly: What are you going to do there?
Kaye: I don't know. I hope I don't have to sing or dance because I'm not prepared. I need rehearsal time. He's really talented but his wife is ugly (laughs).
Weekly: Do you want a mint?
Kaye: Do I need one?
[Kaye does Guiney's show, and spends the next two hours signing autographs]
Weekly: How did it go?
Kaye: The good thing is that my name is on the picture so I don't misspell stuff. But people keep telling me that I'm saying my name wrong. It’s pronounced "Torsten". Maybe I need to change it.
Weekly: How many autographs do you think you signed
Kaye: Millions. I don't think anyone else had anybody in their line. Just mine. It's Super Toast Weekend.
Weekly: So can you shower before the motorcade tonight?
Kaye: I don't shower on the weekend, so no.
[Kaye rides in the motorcade]
Kaye: I rode with one of the monkeys from the Lion King, the blue one.
Weekly: Timon or Pumba?

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Kaye: Pumba's not a monkey. What's wrong with you? We got to this stage, which is always the most awkward moment of Super Soap because they want you to dance. I went up on the stage with my monkey, but I hung out in the back with Kamar (Antonio, OLTL). Kamar hosted the Street Jam. He's got a lot of energy, that boy. The talent that was out there amazed me because I had no idea some of these people could sing. It was really cool. My daughter was there and she was dancing.
Weekly: Did you dance?
Kaye: No. I don't dance, I'm part Amish.
Weekly: What did you do after the Street Jam?
Kaye: I had dinner with Susan because the baby finally slept. We got a babysitter. We had a nice dinner. Michael Easton (John, OLTL) was there -- you know, the guy that killed Port Charles? I got to bed around 12:30. I know I probably shouldn't say this in the magazine, but I'm 28 years old. I just look older because I get up early and go to bed late. I'm actually only two years older than my son. You know -- the guy who's 7 feet.