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Above: On the cover of the June 26, 2007 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

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At A Glance: Zach

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Soap Opera Weekly

by Mara Levinsky, Published September 13, 2011

Zach’s alliance with David has been rubbing Pine Valleyites the wrong way. This week, the fallout comes to a head, leading to the discovery of a corpse, a shooting and a shocking confession. Thorsten Kaye tells all -- sort of.

WEEKLY: Mid-week, Zach and Ryan are hauled down to the police station after some fisticuffs. Who won?
KAYE: I think Ryan got the worst of it. I have a small cut on my face, which I think came from shaving my beard off. That’s what I was playing. Also, if you watch that episode, you’ll see that Ryan’s eyes are a little puffy. I think that’s because he was crying for me to let him go and stop beating him.
WEEKLY: He never stood a chance against you.
KAYE: He doesn’t, and he knows that. I’m telling you, watch his eyes. I don’t know if there are close-ups, but he mists up a little bit. I don’t know if it’s because of the personal contact or just the fear factor.
WEEKLY: Probably both. Then, later in the week, everyone -- Zach, Ryan, David, Griffin, Kendall, Greenlee -- end up at David’s lab, and the you-know-what-hits the fan.
KAYE: Yes, David has a lot at stake right now. He says two more of his patients are ready to be revealed.  Zach is determined that that will happen. And there’s a fight that happens, and it escalates, and people get hurt.
WEEKLY: Zach’s been a loose cannon since his return from the grave. How do you understand his personality shift?
KAYE:  It makes sense, in terms of the medical aspect of this; that maybe whatever David has concocted as cure or a fix for someone who may not make it otherwise is going to affect people in a certain way. I mean, Dixie came back with a perfect haircut. Maybe that’s what it does. And Zach came back with a full beard and [an attitude]. Maybe there’s a hair product element of this that can be used on HSN after the show goes away. Commerce. I’m always thinking. But I would say that Zach changing and being angry that someone stole time from him, from his kids, from his family… that would make you a little angry! And I think on a very human level, Zach’s gotta feel that Kendall would be better off with someone else; he was always putting her in danger. Someone like a doctor, a good-looking, square-jawed doctor like that. It doesn’t matter who you are; there’s always that fear that you’re not good enough for somebody. That’s human nature.
WEEKLY: Let’s chat about the beard. Do you miss it?
KAYE:  I liked having a beard, but it takes a long time to get through security at the airport. So, you know, leave an extra two hours for the JFK airport security. My kids [McKenna, 8, and Marlowe, 4] actually shaved it off.
WEEKLY: They did?
KAYE: Yeah, I went home for a couple of days and my kids shaved my beard off. It was a fun thing and we got to videotape it.
WEEKLY: Can you rate their work?
KAYE:  Yeah, I was glad I wasn’t working for a few days [laughs]. Nah, it was good. It was just one of those moments. I thought it was cool.
WEEKLY: How are the girls?
KAYE: They’re great! They’re here right now. They’ve been out here for the last two weeks, them and Susan. We’re going to Disneyland today. Alicia and Willow, too. I like it there. But everyone is good, and I really am happy that I got to go back and be part of the end of this.