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Above: On the cover of the June 26, 2007 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

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The Dearly Departed: Patrick Thornhart

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Expiration Date: December 25, 2005

Soap Opera Digest

Published September 14, 2010

The Deadly Deets: Patrick was hanging on for dear life the last time we saw him on-screen – he was shot after his wedding to Marty in 1997 – but he was whisked away to safety and they lived happily off-screen for many years. When she returned in 2006, however, Marty told her Llanview pals that Patrick had died in a car crash last Christmas, until it was revealed the following year that he’d actually been killed by Irish terrorists.

Baby Come Back: Neither viewers nor Marty witnessed Patrick’s supposed demise, and there’s no better time than the present to bring this dashing Irish poet back to the canvas. Marty’s romance with John is officially kaput, and she’s had very little to do in Llanview other than seek out the person who pushed her down the stairs in May and caused her to lose John’s baby. Meanwhile, son Cole has gotten into his fair share of trouble since hooking up with Starr in 2006 and could use a father figure other than John, who’s going to have his hands full now that Natalie’s pregnant. In real life, popular portrayer Thorsten Kaye has balked at a long-term reprisal of his AMC role as Zach because his family (with Susan Haskell, Marty) is on the East Coast.

Sweet Afterlife: Patrick’s “friend” Simon Ryerson supposedly killed him in 2005, but what if Patrick has been living in Europe in the Witness Protection Program? Using the pen name Hart Butler, he’s been writing love sonnets that are finally being published in the States. When Kelly is assigned to profile the elusive author for The Sun, she becomes frustrated trying to reach him and enlists Todd’s help. Through emails with the publisher, Patrick tries to send a clue to Kelly that he’s alive, but is intercepted by Todd, who keeps the information to himself until he can use it to his advantage. While Todd tries to blackmail Cole into giving up custody of Hope in exchange for his father’s whereabouts, Marty (thanks to a clever Kelly) catches wind of the situation and beats Todd to the punch. She tracks down Patrick in London and brings him home to Llanview just as Cole is about to sign the papers.

Happy Homecoming? Kassie DePaiva, whose Blair once had an affair with Patrick, offers another idea: “He could just come back with amnesia… and remember his relationship with Blair and forget his relationship with Marty! That sounds good for me [laughs]."