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Above: On the cover of the June 26, 2007 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

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Published August 25, 2014

It's not an easy task to get the goods on Bill Spencer, a narcissistic megalomaniac who's charming, disarming, and once in a blue moon, even shows that he has a heart. But more than anything, Bill is smart -- so when it came to his involvement in Ridge's helicopter accident, Spencer was bound and determined to keep his culpability a secret.

When Brook asked her beau if he tried to kill Ridge by having him tossed out of a chopper into the Persian Gulf after interrupting Bill and Brooke's Abu Dhabi nups, Spencer answered her honestly, calming stating "I did not try to kill Ridge" -- he just didn't mention the part about actually giving the order to, "Cool him off." The concussion Ridge got from hitting the water left him unable to recall the pivotal moments prior to impact, but things began to trickle back  to him. First, there was the broken seat belt. Then, the Spencer Publications Logo on the pilot's flight jacket. Slowly but surely, Ridge recalled that the pilot's profile belonged to Bill's right-hand man, Justin. However, Ridge still couldn't prove his theory, and the memory loss he'd suffered had even those closest to him questioning the validity of his story. Always a fighter, Ridge refused to give up and and colorfully reminded us that he, too, is a smart man by giving Bill a taste of his own medicine. 

Viewers were the only ones surprised to learn that Ridge obtained a pilot's license during his time in France. When Bill needed a quick hop to Catalina to check on his latest wedding plans, the chopper was waiting -- with Ridge in the driver's seat. Once airborne -- and with a gloating Bill taunted Ridge about his success in outwitting Forrester -- Ridge gave his adversary a choice: come clean to Brooke or eat pavement. Despite his bluster, Bill eventually caved. Ridge emerged the victor in this aerial game of chicken, spoiling Brooke's wedding to the "snake" yet again in a amost satisfying conclusion to the latest high-stakes move in the chess match between Ms. Logan's suitors.

The heart-thumping scenario showed us how confident Thorsten Kaye is in his portrayal of Ridge, who he's been steadily reinventing since taking over last December. Ridge's gamble here was dark. What would he have done had Bill not 'fessed up? Let the man die? But Kaye's Ridge is a risk taker who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty -- and perhaps, in some ways, is more like his opponent than either man would care to admit.

Both Kaye and Don Diamont (Bill) embraced the latest chapter of this rivalry with gusto, turning in winning performances throughout their potentially fatal mano  mano. The production values soared, as well. Soaps aren't exactly known for their special effects wizardry, but B&B's creative team did a masterful job convincing us that we were actually witnessing an out-of-control helicopter whirling high above Santa Monica, CA. Both the visual sumptuousness and the thickening tension of whether Forrester could get Spencer to crack kept us on the edge of our seats.

Glad we buckled up, B&B, because this was one heck of a ride.