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Above: On the cover of the June 26, 2007 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

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Zach to the Future

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Yay, Zach Can Swim! Thorsten Kaye Hits The Shore This Week On AMC

Soap Opera Digest

by Carolyn Hinsey, Published August 9, 2011

Thorsten Kaye joined AMC as troubled tycoon Zach Slater in 2004, but was cut loose in 2010 after a dustup over whether he would move to L.A. when the show headed west. He stayed on the East Coast with partner Susan Haskell (who was playing Marty on ONE LIFE TO LIVE at the time) and their two daughters, McKenna, 8, and Marlowe, 4, but returns this week for the reveal that Zach is very much alive. Kaye will commute to L.A. until the show wraps on broadcast nest month -- on much safer airplanes than Zach was flying.

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Digest: How was your first day back at AMC after almost a year away?
Kaye: I walked into the dressing room they gave me and was full of balloons. They all said, "Welcome back, Josh." I thought, "Well, look at that. They spelled my name wrong."
Digest: Josh Duhamel -- that's funny. How is Zach back? Last we saw him, he was on a plane that crashed into the ocean. Then they delivered his clean, dry luggage to Kendall in a cave so she could read how much he loved her in his private papers.
Kaye: Luckily, I always carry Secret Service luggage. Although I was surprised to find out I had the time to keep a journal. I hope I called it Kendall in the Wind.
Digest: Ha! How does Zach turn up alive?
Kaye: Apparently his plane hit the water and David was scuba diving right there. that's one way to ruin someone's scuba-diving vacation, huh? I say, "David, remember when I told you that people were trying to kill me? Well, it sure was lucky that you were in that water." 'Cause he was right there! That's good. That's lucky.
Digest: Maybe David had a ZPS, a Zach Positioning System.
Kaye: Nice! Or he was looking for buried treasure. Or my journal.
Digest: How is Zach's reunion with Kendall?
Kaye: I haven't taped it yet, but I'm sure it will be very nice. If her new boyfriend [Jordi Vilasuso's Griffin] is there, I hope he has a shirt on.
Digest: You get to ride back in triumph and bust up that little romance.
Kaye: Honestly, it's not abut that. It's about going back and seeing this through to the end on ABC. I hope this online thing works out -- I just don't know who will be part o fit. The dance cards haven't been punched yet.
Digest: Have you been contacted yet?
Kaye: No.  But I hope it works out great for all the people who work at that studio. AMC is an institution. They deserve to have jobs. I think the success of the move will have to do with what actors are going, and who is writing it. It could be really good.
Digest: How is AMC going to wrap up your story, then?
Kaye: I don't know. They are being very secretive about it. If I knew, I would tell you -- and then we could both get in trouble.