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Above: On the cover of the June 26, 2007 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

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"I've Got A Secret"

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Kendall Holds Ryan And Zach's Fates In Her Hands

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Published June 7, 2007

This week on ALL MY CHILDREN, Kendall is Pine Valleys "woman in the know.” As her relationship with Zach comes to light, Ryan’s secret – and what it could do to her best friend – has her working overtime to keep it all together. As the real stories are revealed, is Kendall in danger of losing everything she values?

Greenlee Butts In!
Having seen Erica and Jack off on their honeymoon, Kendall is confronted by Greenlee, who wants to know her plans with Zach. When Slater shows up at his fiancée’s room, he gets a rude awakening when Mrs. Lavery answers the door j instead! Unable to get him to open up, Greenlee lets Zach know exactly how she feels about him.

Kendall Sees Ethan!

Kendall has a surprise of her own in store as she waits for Zach – Ethan shows up! Declaring his love, he offers to do anything to have her back in his life and says the words Kendall has longed to hear – that

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he will sign over Cambias Industries to his father. That’s when Zach comes in with his own big news -- he and Kendall were married the night before! Alicia Minshew (Kendall) explains why her alter ego decided to take the plunge with the father rather than the son. “Marrying Zach was an awesome way to get back at Ethan. And Zach presented [it this way] – ‘If you marry me you can give Bianca half of her money back.’”

Ethan takes off with a crying Kendall right behind. “I know that she still loves him,” says Minshew. The rush to marry Slater was, in part, an act of revenge. “Ethan hurt her, he lied to her.”

Kendall tries to explain, but her ex wants nothing to do with her. In turn, Zach tells Ethan that he’s willing to drop his fight to get Cambias Industries and will let Kendall out of their marriage.

Ryans Secret Comes Out!
At the same time, Kendall is dealing with another ticking time bomb – Ryan’s planned vasectomy! "Ultimately, she blurts it out to Greenlee and tells what she knows," says Minshew. "She’s loyal to Greenlee."

It Too Late?
Between her marriage to Zach and her attempt to keep Ryan’s confidence and help Greenlee at the same time, Kendall’s been trying to do the right thing. But Minshew warns, “This could all really backfire on her – big time!"