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Above: On the cover of the June 26, 2007 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

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"BOLDLY" Going...

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Soaps In Depth

by Amy Helmes, Published November 25, 2013

Ask Thorsten Kaye if he has any reservations about playing Ridge Forrester -- a role previously inhabited by Ronn Moss for 25 years -- and he doesn't mince words. "This guy was an icon. It's almost like replacing Lucci," he says, referring to venerated daytime actress Susan Lucci (Erica, ALL MY CHILDREN).

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"You know, actors are insecure, and I'm no different. Of course I think the audience would have chosen Ronn to be here. I would have chosen Ronn to be here...but he's not.

There 's been plenty of speculation about would potentially replace Moss after his abrupt decision leave show last fall, and Kaye says he's surprised he landed anywhere on that list. "I think they could have found somebody a little prettier, but maybe they'll turn the lights down," he jokes. "I just don't see [Moss and myself] to be very similar in any way. So while this isn't going to be a new character for everyone who is watching, in a way it will be."

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Is That It For Zach?

AMC fans are likely to feel disappointed at the implications Kaye's career move has for his character, Zach, on the on-line show. The actor concedes that it's been the one downside of his otherwise exciting new venture. "It was really hard. Not just the leaving, but the fact that I wasn't finished there," he insists. "I wasn't."

Assuming AMC is a go for another season, Kaye adds that he'd happily return to wrap up loose ends with his character and storyline, so long as it works with his B&B schedule. "I would love that," he says. "I will help them in any way I can if there's a way to do it while we're dark at B&B."

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Despite his misgivings about leaving AMC in the lurch, Kaye says the powers that be were extremely gracious about his decision. "No one at AMC said "You can't; you have to do this," he says gratefully. "They were completely understanding, and they saw what an opportunity it was. We talked about it. But it was time."

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Winging It

The biggest hurdle for the East Coast actor in joining B&B was the realization that it would take him away from his partner, Susan Haskell (Marty, ONE LIFE TO LIVE), and their two daughters, McKenna, 10, and Marlowe, 6. "I'm going to fly back and forth every week to Los Angeles, he explains. "It's a sacrifice, but you've got to keep in mind that I'm not doing this for free.

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He'll be clocking plenty of frequent-flier miles, but Kaye's attitude is definitely grounded when he considers the new journey on which he's about to embark. "If someone as respected as [B&B headwriter and executive producer] Brad Bell asks me to do this, I'm not going to question him," he says. "I've got to think he's right, and we'll make this work, and I understand that if it doesn't work, that's okay, too. I'll just go back and hang out with my kids. But if it does work... then they may have to eventually come [to L.A.]!"


Birthday: February 22.
Hometime: Mainz, German.
On Passing The Time During All Those Cross-Country Flights: "I'm writing a new book, so maybe I'll try to get that done while flying back and forth to New York."
Why He's Not Cracking The B&B History Books:: "No. 1, I'm extremely lazy. No. 2, the past informs the future, but it doesn't necessarily dictate it."