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Above: On the cover of the June 26, 2007 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

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Ridge Butts Heads With Bill

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Soap Opera Digest

Published May 19, 2014

The tension between Ridge and Bill escalates this week when Ridge realizes that Bill and Brooke's reunion means that his rival will now be a parental figure in son R.J.'s life. "You really don't want Bill Spencer parenting your kid," chuckles Thorsten Kaye (Ridge). "All jealousy aside, I don't care who you are, if somebody else has slept with your wife, there's always a certain insecurity about the situation, especially if you two go back a long way. I do feel that this is not a jealousy thing. Ridge thinks Bill Spencer is a complete tool because of the way he dresses, because of the way he treats women, because of the way he treated Katie. If he's going to be with the woman Ridge thought he was going to be with forever, he just can't have that guy be around his son. I don't think there's anything Bill can teach him that he couldn't learn at an arcade somewhere."

Furthermore, Ridge doesn't want any interference in his own relationship with R.J. "Ridge and his son are very close," he notes. "They really bonded while they were away [living in Paris] and now not only does he have to share his son, but he has to share him with a man who he has no respect for whatsoever. Now, his kid has access to all of Bill's bad habits -- and that's not a good thing."

Could Ridge's objections have something to do with his residual feelings for R.J.'s mother, Brooke? "I don't know that Ridge needs anything from her to complete him, to quote Tom Cruise," muses Kaye. "He doesn't think she's a bad person. She was lonely and a little insecure and doesn't like to be alone. I don't know what it is between those two. History is a huge aphrodisiac for them. We always tend to remember the good. That's just human nature. He has no right to tell her who she can or can't be with, but when it affects his son, that's when things get messy."