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Above: On the cover of the June 26, 2007 issue of Soap Opera Digest.

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Soaps In Depth

by Richard M. Simms, Published April 29, 2013

When Thorsten Kaye agreed to reprise his ALL MY CHILDREN role of Zach for the On-Line Network's reboot, he did so not knowing exactly what was in store for the character he'd played on AMC from 2004-'11. "But," he assures Soaps In Depth, "I don't think he's going to go to the moon or be a cross-dresser or anything. 

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"Or at least," he adds, tongue in cheek, if the rogue does pull a Zarf, "they should have some nice clothes for me."

Righting Wrongs

All kidding aside, the actor, a veteran of ONE LIFE TO LIVE (as Patrick) and PORT CHARLES (as Ian), is confident that the new AMC will more closely resemble the Agnes Nixon sudser that viewers adored for decades than the bastardization of it that network executives buried two years ago. "I have a feeling that we can tell some stories now that actually make sense. At the end of [AMC's ABC run], I couldn't tell you what the story
was, I was so confused by it. And that's bad for an actor -- even the bad
ones like me," he jokes. "We like to know what it's supposed to be even if
we can't deliver it.

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"Luckily, the new powers that be are people that are in this because they like to entertain and they like to tell stories," he continues. "This is not going to be about politics anymore. We're just going to tell stories and go back to basics a little bit."

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Flying Solo

For Kaye, going back to basics will mean reestablishing Zach as a singular entity -- as in, not as half of Zendall, the supercouple he formed with Alicia Minshew. "I don't really have any friends," he observes in character. "And I don't have any relatives -- other than my idiot son [Ethan], who's dead now. So the ice might be a little thinner, but the skating is going to be more fun."

The actor is well aware that some fans will have a tough time accepting his Pine Valley counterpart with anyone but Kendall.

"But look at [the ol Robert Wagner/Stefanie Powers series] HART TO HART -- it only ran for five seasons," he notes. "After awhile, you run out of stuff to do. And new characters are interesting. It opens you up to stuff. I mean, I know I'm too old to be arm candy for anybody," he cracks. "But still... !"