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New York Vue

By Carolyn Hinsey, Published November 16, 2009

Zach’s plan to keep his wife, Kendall, out of prison is almost foiled this week on AMC -- by her own mother.

“Zach is hiding Kendall in a secret room in his house because he feels once she is in the prison system, she won’t come out,” says Thorsten Kaye, who plays the wealthy casino owner.  “He found someone who looks like Kendall and put her in prison instead.”

With a little help from the police commissioner and, apparently, a very forward-thinking builder.

“I don’t know about you, but when I build a house, I always build in a secret room so I can hide my wife if she’s ever accused of murder,” quips Kaye.  “Kendall doesn’t spend too much time in there, though.  She’s in the great room all the time.”

Which is how Erica stumbles onto their scheme.

“Erica comes in the house -- ‘What’s going on with you and Liza?’-- and sees a glass,” says Kaye.  “Zach tries to explain it away, but Erica says, ‘My daughter is in prison and you’re cheating on her?’  Which he isn’t, ‘cause Kendall is there!”

The plan is to hide Kendall until Jesse and Zach can prove she didn’t kill Stuart.

“They’re trying to prove that Annie did it,” says Kaye, adding that perhaps Adam killed his own twin.  “You have to question, ‘Why did Stuart look like Adam that day?  Why did he put on a jacket and comb his hair?’  If Adam did do it, it was not because he wanted to kill his brother, but because he was so full of self-loathing, he tried to commit suicide.”

While out proving his theory, Zach begs Kendall to retire to the secret room and write a book, which she does -- about him.

“Maybe that’s her way of trying to cleanse herself.  It was one thing sleeping with Aidan when she thought Zach was dead for five minutes, but to know he’s alive and choose Ryan?  I’m not sure what kind of book she can write to feel better about that.”

They argue -- and Kendall collapses.

“Zach calls 911, but then hangs up when she comes to,” says Kaye.  “Turns out she was just overwrought with her love for Zach.”

No, really.

“She forgot to take her heart medication,” Kaye says.

Kendall is so grateful for Zach’s help that she kisses him, leading to a romantic reunion for the estranged duo.

“There are a lot of question marks for me with this story, but the ratings are up,” says Kaye with a shrug.  “Still, the taste of Ryan on her lips is a bit of a turnoff.”