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Zach Makes A Match

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New York Vue

by Carolyn Hinsey, Published April 26, 2009

Zach plays Cupid for Pine valley's favorite lesbians this week on "All My Children," but at what cost to his own love life?

"Bianca comes to town and Zach begs her to go see Reese," says Thorsten Kaye (who plays Zach) of his sister-in-law and her estranged wife.

Reese apologizes for everything, but Bianca can't forgive her.

"They talk it out and decide to give it another shot. Bianca says something like, 'That doesn't mean we are where we were, but I am willing to open the door and see where we can go.'"

Unfortunately, Zach's own estranged wife, Kendall, questions his reasons for reuniting the gals, suspicious that he has an ulterior motive.

"What I don't get is that everyone forgives everyone else, except for Zach," says Kaye. (Zach donated sperm to Bianca, behind Kendall's back, so that Bianca and Reese could have a baby.) "Bianca, Reese and Kendall hug it out, leaving Zach out. What did he do? He [donated sperm] as a favor and now he's the bad guy.

Especially to the one woman Zach would like to woo back.

"I don't get Kendall's logic," says Kaye. "Bianca started this by asking for his sperm and putting him in a position where he had to say yes. But [this week], Kendall says, 'I will forgive my sister and her lesbian lover and the innocent child, but I will not forgive my husband, even though I'm sleeping with Ryan.'"

Aye, there's the rub. After Reese and Bianca kiss and make up, Kendall and Ryan go public with their affair. But since Zach had sex with someone else on Friday, doesn't he share the blame?

"The love of his life has come and gone, and he is not going to fall in love with someone else," says Kaye. That's Ryan's deal Ryan fell in love with Annie, Greenlee and Kendall in one year."

But Zach has never strayed until now.

"You can love someone," reasons Kaye, "and still be completely wrong for them."

At the end of the week, Zach runs into his one-night stand at the casino, and it turns out she is Liza Colby (recast with actress Jamie Luner of "Melrose Place" and "Savannah"). But he doesn't know that.

"Neither of them knows who the other one is," says Kaye. (Yet.) "Nice, huh?"

Kaye adds that fans shouldn't look at Zach and Liza as a love match. "If you want to be philosophical about it, the man [Zach] doesn't feel he deserves love - so he might as well have sex for 30 seconds."