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'All' My Secrets

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New York Vue

by Carolyn Hinsey, Published April 13, 2008

This week on "All My Children," Kendall works up the courage to tell Zach that she slept with Aidan, but the joke's on her.

"He knew," asserts Thorsten Kaye, who plays the cuckold. "He just put things together. They weren't that subtle about it."

Indeed, since Kendall and Aidan found comfort in each other's arms (when they thought their mates were dead), they've been shooting each other some very incriminating looks.

"The first thing Kendall says when Zach tells her he knew is, 'What do you mean you knew? Were you testing me? Was it a test to see if I would tell you?' She turns it around on him. That doesn't go over well."

Cue the next rough patch for this marriage.

"Zach doesn't have a problem with them having slept together, although that's a tough thing," says Kaye of his stoic character. "What he has a problem with is that Kendall didn't trust him enough to tell him. Trust is a big deal for him -- especially since Kendall has done just about everybody in this town."

Not quite. But she has "done" Ryan and, now, Aidan, which causes Zach to question if she has feelings for Aidan. Kendall emphatically denies that.

"He just doesn't understand why she wouldn't tell him about it," sighs Kaye. "the reason he told them to go to L.A. together is because the worst had already happened. Zach knows Aidan is good [at being a private detective] and that he would protect her, which he did. There's no real hatred for Aidan until he starts doing some stuff now that it's out. If Aidan starts being cocky, then he may have to go down for it."

By the end of the week Zach will hire Aidan to work for him at Cambias. (Don't quit your day job, Aidan!)

"Zach is a character who deals with things privately," muses Kaye. "The cool twist is going to be that he has dealt with it. Kendall can't. She can't deal with the fact that he didn't respond the way she though he should. That's where it's going to get ugly."

How ugly?

"I think [the writers] want to make the playing field even, so that anybody could be with anybody," says Kaye, adding with a laugh, "But, of course, Ryan has already done that."