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Oh, Brother

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New York Vue

by Carolyn Hinsey, Published September 4, 2004

All of Pine Valley gathers .for a fund-raiser at Zach’s casino this week on “All. My Children,” where a shocking secret will be revealed.

“It’s actually a number of secrets,” clarifies Zach’s portrayer, Thorsten Kaye. “First of all, Zach doesn’t think Bianca murdered Michael Cambias. He’s talking to her, thinking, ‘I can’t believe that the woman I know would have killed the man I knew.’”

Whoa -- Zach knew Michael?

“They were brothers,” says Kaye of the big secret that will come out later this week. “This is about perception. The man Bianca thinks was Michael Cambias, and the man Zach thought was his brother are two different people. Zach left home a long time ago -- he was 18, and Michael was 15. Something happened to Michael that Zach was not a part of, and doesn’t quite believe. When people say he turned into this evil guy, Zach doesn’t see it.”

“AMC” viewers saw it clearly last summer, when Michael raped Bianca and was later murdered by her. But since Zach doesn’t believe that, he will introduce a murder-mystery game as the entertainment for the evening in an attempt to find out who really killed Michael.

“All of the characters play characters involved in the muder,” says Kaye. “Every time they guess something right in the game, Zach will donate $100,000 to the Miranda Montgomery Foundation.”

While the “game” is played; Maria will pull Zach aside and tell him she can’t see him anymore because she is committed to her husband, Edmund. He’ll counter that he will always love her and that one of the people they are secretly watching on videotape is really a murderer.

“The whole thing is played out on monitors. He is watching everyone’s reaction. Two people even start to make love in one of the rooms! Zach doesn’t watch, but I would have. Usually I have to pay $5.99 for that,” cracks the actor.

 By the end of the week, Ryan will have uncovered that Zach Slater isn’t his real name, and Maria will be questioning his intense interest in Michael’s murder.

“That’s when he tells her,” says Kaye. “Only Maria knows that he is Alexander Cambias Jr., the older, better-looking brother. And she will keep the secret.”